Our Story

The word Acier translates to steel in French reflecting Vaciers focus on metal. There are endless benefits of working with metal, it will not rust, tarnish, or turn skin green. In addition, metal has a lifespan of up to three decades. There is no other material that is recycled as much as metal, 86% of steel is reused.

We are based in Sweden and metal has had a great significance in our history. It’s been produced here for at least 2500 years and has been an important export, particularly during the 20th century.


Adjustable details

Traditional jewelry needs exact measurements, making it difficult to find the right size for you or someone else. Vacier focuses on innovative designs that are thorough developed with the adjustability to fit any wearer. 

Timeless and minimalist designs

Instead of following every temporary trend, we thrive to perfect the essential accessory that can last for years. Our designs have no expiry date and will last over time. Good for both the planet and for you.