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 Where is my order/shipping confirmation?

If you can't find your order confirmation, please have a look in your spam folder. It should be sent within 10 minutes of your order. If you have received your order confirmation but not your shipping confirmation it's most likely because it has not been shipped yet or has been shipped the same day but  you won't receive the tracking and shipping confirmation until later in the afternoon. 

Where can I track my order?

We provide tracking for all our orders. If you chose DHL Express shipping you may track your order here. If you chose Free Shipping, you may track your parcel with or a universal tracking site like Depending on your country you may also be able to track your parcel directly from your local postal directly once it left our warehouse or once the parcel passes custom control in your country. 

Why is this? We ship our packages to Deutsche Post in Frankfurt, Germany and they ship it to your country where they hand it over to your local postal carrier. For example La Poste for France, PostNL for Netherlands, Correos for Spain.     

Where is my order? Is it shipped yet? 

We usually ship within 1-2 business days if the item is in stock. Depending if you submitted your phone number or mail while ordering, your tracking information is emailed or messaged to all customers when the package has been dispatched. If you haven't received this mail or sms please contact us. 

Why is my order delayed?

If you have ordered with DHL Express, your parcel should not be delayed. If it's still delayed please contact us or contact DHL directly and ask them about your parcel. 

If you have ordered with Free Shipping, shipping times may be affected by the pandemic and some countries experience delays at the moment. It may take up to 25 Business days to deliver to some countries. Delays caused by the Pandemic is out of our control and we wish you have patience and can contact you local postal carrier for information. 

Please find out more details on how the Pandemic may affect our delivery times here.

My Delivery attempt failed, what can I do?

If a delivery attempt fails, it will sometimes be delivered to the nearest service point, we therefore ask you to call your local postal carrier to see where to pick it up. Please try to search for your parcel via your local post carrier or search your package at this universal site to find out more information that may not be available via our provided tracking link.

When do you restock sold out items and what is pre-order?

Usually we restock sold out items within 1 month. If you are curious about a specific item, please contact us. 

 What is the return address?

Please email for the return address and instructions. We can not always answer Instagram DM's.  

How to Adjust and put on/off my Cuff or Ring?

Open the ring or cuff open and simply bend it until you find the right size. Either when it's on your finger or off. Our Metall is durable and there is no need to worry that the ring or cuff may break.

You may try to use a piece of cloth to bend the ring, especially if you want to make it smaller and have the endings overlap.

Please find our guide on how to make your ring smaller here.


What payment options are you offering and is it safe? 

We offer safe payments through Apple pay, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Google pay, iDeal, Klarna and American Express (debit and credit). Vacier never handles payment information, it's always through the bank and our agents. 

What material are your products made of?

We make our jewelry of Stainless steel (316L). Surgical grade steel. Much more durable than silver, gold, or platinum. It will not rust, corrode, tarnish, stain, fade, or turn your skin green.

How long is the shipping to my country?

We ship world wide and can you can out more details on our shipping here.